About Us

Southern Regenerative Farmers is a designated Landcare Group affiliated with the Central Otway Landcare Network.

We are a group of local farmers living in the Otway region who are engaged in the production of food, farm, and forest products. We are focused on creating the highest quality produce in a sustainable way that regenerates the land, by using approaches that work with nature, rather than against it, and minimise the use of artificial fertilisers, sprays and additives. We have developed a set of recommended practices through which we aim to improve our soil, our waterways, the health of native flora and fauna, as well as the health and enjoyment of the people who consume our produce. We want our local community to appreciate our high quality local products and for our local economy to grow and prosper.  We also aim to provide local regenerative farmers with a network of support through membership, educational events, whilst providing an incubator to assist emerging members with their goals and practices for growing ethical, natural farm produce.

Our Mission

Provide local regenerative farmers with a network that supports the branding, marketing and distribution of produce and products of the highest quality. Ensure that high regenerative standards are maintained for all of our farming practices.

Our Vision

Our members will be operating profitable farms and achieve a high quality of life through a healthy lifestyle and sound work methods. Our produce will be sold locally and further afield through strong community networks, offering local customers healthy and environmentally sound fresh food and fibre options with low food miles. Our farms will have better soils, greater natural diversity and we will be wiser and more knowledgeable with regards to our farming practices.