We are a group of Farmers in the Otway Coast Region who are committed to regenerative farming practices, and providing high quality meat and produce to our local community.


Otway Coast Regenerative Farmers is a group of local people living in the Otway region who are engaged in the production of food, farm, and forest products. We are focussed on creating the highest quality produce in a sustainable way that regenerates the land. We use approaches that work with nature, rather than against it, and minimise the use of artificial fertilisers, sprays and additives. We have developed a set of recommended practices through which we aim to improve our soil, our waterways, the health of native flora and fauna, as well as the health and enjoyment of the people who consume our produce. We want our local community to appreciate our high quality local products and for our local economy to grow and prosper.


These events are being planned Please contact us if you want to participate or have suggestions for further events.

  • 15-17 May, 2018 RegenAG® Biofertiliser Course A holistic approach and hands on practical skills for making a range of biological inputs to regenerate depleted soils, improve soil health, increase productivity and lower the cost of production. Places are limited.
These principles are at the core of what we believe in and practice.

  • Soil health
  • Animal wellbeing
  • Plant health, perenniality, and diversity
  • Restoration and protection of the natural environment
  • Community engagement, education and involvement
  • A regenerative approach to all that we do

Comprehensive guidelines have been developed for all types of farming activities.

Our member farms are visited by the group and constructive suggestions offered to bring the farm closer to the standards

Your comment and participation as a new member would be most welcome.

To contact OCRF please use: